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Don't let the sun set...

     Every year we each get 365 days, unless it's a leap year and then we get one more.  Time is no respecter of persons.  Time does not wait for our intentions to become reality.  Time does not stop for you or me but it does provide us all an equal opportunity to spend it with those that we love.

     It has been 5 years since the last Earhart Reunion, as we looked back at the pictures we realized that those in which we got our roots have passed.  Our children have given birth to entirely new generations.  There once again, are family members that have never met much less have any memories to tie them together.  

     It is with these realities that we INVITE you to COME... carve out the JUNE 16-18 to continue the tradition our parents, grandparents, and great grandparents held so dearly.  We promise to do our best to make the weekend worth your trip regardless of your age.  Don't let the sun set on another year without coming together to make memories that time can't take away.


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